Berjabat Tanah

Olympus E-5 + ZD12-60mm
Monotone + Low key gradation
f/4.0 | ISO 1000 | 1/125s | ahmadjaa

Berjabat Tanah (malay) means shaking hands with the soil (berjabat Tanah means shaking hands with the soil). From an Islamic point of view, the first human that was created which is Nabi Adam a.s. was made from soils as mentioned in the Quran Surah Shad verse 71-74 [38:71-74].

Berjabat Tanah is about meeting (symbolic) with what Nabi Adam a.s were made of. Getting to know the essence and the starting of mankind- a reminder of life and death.

Note | The Quran also mentioned about the creation of human after the creation of Nabi Adam a.s. (ie. pregnancy) in Surah At-Tariq verse 5-7 [86:5-7].

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