Subject of Dreams II

Congratulations to  one of our Zuikoholics member Ahmad Jaa as he will be participating in a group exhibition  entitled  “Subject of Dreams II” at PELITA HATI Gallery of Art.

by K. Azril Ismail

A brief description on the “Subject of Dreams II” exhibition.

Name of event: An art exhibition entitled “Subject of Dreams II”.
Venue: 1st Floor, No 8, Jalan Abdullah,Off Jalan Bangsar,59000,KL
Company: Pelita Hati Sdn Bhd
Duration: 20th April to 18th May 2013 (Viewing hours: Mon- Sat 10.00am-6.00pm)
Category: Photography-prints.
Contact details: Tel: 03-20923380; 03-22829206

Email: , Website:

Among the participating artists are Ahmad Jaa, Ashraf Soharudin, Faizal Joy, Firdaus Herrow, Hakimi Halim, Hanif Omar, Ikram Ismail, Meor Hasmadi Hamzah, Mohd Azlan Mohd Latib (MAM08), Nazaruddin Abdul Hamed & Syafiq Abdul Samat.

This group of outstanding young artists and photographers, had given a fresh relieve as these new wave of responsible image-makers which studied hard into their dreams and gave the full-throated ironies and series of hyper-real records of mortalities. Such sheer spectacle or wizardry these visceral beautiful subjects, had paid as homage to the matters at hand. The camera at hand was silent and miming everything it looked at. Photography, as they knew, became less instinctive and predominantly aesthetic or conceptualized. This exhibition was to pull these potentials from the hive of the institution into the world. To dare their fate as image-makers and start to communicate with their images, they began to shift away from being too obsessed with [art] theories and engage deeper and even live with their subjects. Their commitment had then become the theories as mentioned.

“Subject of Dreams” is to form the audience as witnesses of their becoming.

Sharing some of the work that will be exhibited by Ahmad Jaa.

Olympus E-5 + ZD12-60mm
f/4.0 | ISO 400 | 1/320s | ahmadjaa

Olympus E-5 + ZD12-60mm
f/5.0 | ISO 200 | 1/2000s | ahmadjaa

Olympus E-5 + ZD12-60mm
f/5.6 | ISO 200 | 1/500s | ahmadjaa

So, book your date to view and experience the remarkable work of art by arising Malaysian artist.

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