Malaysia 4×4 Jamboree

Malaysia 4×4 Jamboree was held at Sepang International Circuit Off-road Park on 15-17th September, 2012. It is one of the biggest outdoor shows and challenges in Malaysia which comprises of the modified 4×4 challenges, rally challenges, motocross and atv challenges. The 4×4 Adventure Club Kuala Lumpur (4x4ACKL) is again leading the event to success as the last jamboree in 2010. Kudos to 4x4ACKL for the exciting jamboree.


Venue entrance
E-1 + ZD14-42mm
f/5.6 | ISO 200 | 1/250s | Shamrie Sainin


Sepang Off-road Park – shooting against the backlight
E-1 + ZD14-42mm
f/5.6 | ISO 100 | 1/800s | Shamrie Sainin


Chief marshal giving a serious instructions
E-3 + ZD70-300mm
f/5.6 | ISO 100 | 1/200s | Shamrie Sainin


Chief marshal giving a serious instructions
E-1 + ZD14-42mm
f/6.3| ISO 100 | 1/640s | Shamrie Sainin


A competitor and his heavily modified machine
E-1 + ZD14-42mm
f/7.1| ISO 100 | 1/400s | Shamrie Sainin


Stuck, winch time
E-3 + ZD70-300mm
f/5| ISO 200 | 1/160s | Shamrie Sainin


Special Stage marshal for time keeping
E-3 + ZD70-300mm
f/4.2| ISO 400 | 1/1250s | Shamrie Sainin


Co-driver running to the winching point
E-3 + ZD70-300mm
f/4.1| ISO 400 | 1/640s | Shamrie Sainin


Motocross panning
E-1 + ZD14-42mm
f/18| ISO 100 | 1/80s | Shamrie Sainin


Stuck in mud pool
E-1 + ZD14-42mm
f/7.1| ISO 100 | 1/200s | Shamrie Sainin


Competitors worst situation: stuck and the winch is out of order
E-1 + ZD14-42mm
f/7.1| ISO 100 | 1/80s | Shamrie Sainin


Spinning wheels mud burst
E-1 + ZD14-42mm
f/8| ISO 100 | 1/100s | Shamrie Sainin


Ground anchor for winch
E-1 + ZD14-42mm
f/7.1| ISO 100 | 1/100s | Shamrie Sainin


International participant
E-1 + ZD14-42mm
f/5| ISO 100 | 1/160s | Shamrie Sainin


Tree trunk strap for winching
E-1 + ZD14-42mm
f/4.5| ISO 100 | 1/80s | Shamrie Sainin


Co-driver running to the winching point
E-1 + ZD14-42mm
f/22| ISO 100 | 1/25s | Shamrie Sainin


This is not an accident, it just wants to take a rest
E-1 + ZD14-42mm
f/5.6| ISO 100 | 1/125s | Shamrie Sainin


4×4 drift
E-1 + ZD14-42mm
f/11| ISO 100 | 1/30s | Shamrie Sainin

Behind the scene

Personally, I was fortunate to travel in Kuala Lumpur during the Malaysia 4×4 Jamboree, thus my best opportunity to take some photos of my favourite event, the 4×4 off road challenge. Most of my works for 4×4 photography are in Sabah. Photographing the 4×4 actions are not a slow motion or fear of camera gears to be in the mud. It is definitely a physical challenge to the photographer (and camera too) to get the best and safe spot to capture the action. As usual I am using my favourite Olympus E-1 with 14-42mm and Olympus-E-3 with 70-300mm. Although that I use mostly the two standard Olympus lenses, they are quite reliable. In fact, they survived since I use them in extreme 4×4 challenge condition since 2009, unlike the 12-60mm which died on its  SWD recently.

The most usable lenses for 4×4 photography from my experience is in the range from 12mm (24mm in 35mm equiv.) to 200mm (400mm in 35mm equiv.). In this range, Olympus offers the 12-60mm, 14-42mm, 14-54mm, 14-35mm, 35-100mm, 18-180mm, 40-150mm , 50-200mm and 70-300mm.  Quality wise, the super high grade lenses will be the solution but they are too expensive for the harsh condition in 4×4 events unless the photographers are paid for it. Thus, the 12-60mm and 40-150mm or 70-300mm is the most value lenses for the enthusiast. However, I may be upgrading into better lens in future, especially the 14-35mm. The 50-200mm lens is not easy for 4×4 photography due to its weight, thus 40-150mm  or 70-300 is just enough when two bodies (with battery grip) need to be carried around the 4×4 challenge tracks.



The other works by the author (4×4 photography) can be seen in his Flickr Collection.


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  2. phl0wtography

    While I like the overall presentation and movements captured, I don’t quite understand why the photog saw the need to stop the lenses down to f/11, f/18 or even f/22(!) on micro four-thirds. Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not a fan of shallow DoF shots just for the sake of shallow DoF, and it’s perfectly sensible to stop down lenses for DoF control, it’s just that I think many of the shots would’ve been possible with bigger apertures without losing DoF, given the small sensor.

    Otherwise, great shots if you’re into 4×4 and the E-1 is a tank, but that’s nothing new.

    • sam4605

      Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I may not explain carefully why some of the photos need to stop down to small apertures. It was sunny day and I want to take some panning shots with the settings via shutter priority. Thus, low shutter speed although I know the trade off in the aperture. One possible solution for this is using filter to cut down the light so that normal combination of aperture and shutter could be achieved, but I forgot to bring one 🙂

      Many thanks phl0wtography.

  3. This post, “Malaysia 44 Jamboree z u i k o h o l i c s”
    shows the fact that u understand precisely what you are writing about!
    I really fully am in agreement. Thanks a lot -Maricruz

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