Featured Image | Global Warming

E-520 + ZD 14-42mm
f/22 | ISO 100 | 1/165s | Suzailan Jai

I took this photo in the middle of the afternoon which I think most photographer will avoid. Some photography rules say don’t shoot at noon, don’t shoot if the light is too contrasty, and so on. Some old school photographers will tell you that noon sunlight is a nightmare. People will make up all kind of rules in photography. For me, rule is just a guidance for us to learn but not to be followed 100%. Sometimes, a trial and error will help us to understand and learn more about photography.

For this shot, I used small aperture of f/22 in order to create the sun spike. I focused my camera at the peak of the dead coconut tree and  fired the pop up flash. The flash filled in some light on to the dead tree which otherwise would become a silhouette.

Thanks to National Geographic for using this photo as one of the Featured Image in National Geographic Education Encyclopedic : Nat Geo – Ozone Layer

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