Featured Image | Forsaken

This picture was taken in Kuala Kedah on a low-tide evening. It was the time when I still own an E-5. Paired up with a Zuiko Digital 7-14mm f/4.0 and coupled more with Hitech ND Grad 0.6 and ND Grad 0.9 filters stacked up together and a tripod plus a remote cable release, I managed to produce this surreal shot of a sunset. I have to square crop the original picture as the settings I used especially when stacking up the filters caused ‘light leakage’ through the lens built-in hood and the bulbous front element causing unnecessary reflections in the initial output. Heavy vignetting was noticed at the four corners of the original picture. Minor post processing done includes level and contrast adjustment.

Below are the pictures, both the original and after post-processing has been done.

| capin |


E-5 + ZD 7-14mm + Hitech ND Grad 0.6 & ND Grad 0.9 Filters
f/22 | ISO 100 | 5s | capin

Now, let’s see what will the zuikoholics say about the picture.

| capin |

Although it seems that this picture got quite a number of positive comments in my Flickr, yet there are a lot of improvements that can be done. The most lacking element in this picture in my opinion is actually the distraction given by the foreground and lack of main subject to be focused on. And f/22..???

| Ahmad Jaa |

The original looks surreal indeed. Something like looking through a glass where the edges are not that clean. The tones are quite like the E-5  in camera dramatic tones. Anyway, I like the mood and the title indeed matches the scene. Overall, I like the picture and the sticks combining with the middle tree somehow works as my eyes was lead towards the tree. However I prefer if the tree leaves are not overlapping with the square thing at the back.

| Suzailan Jai |

I agree with Ahmad Jaa. Maybe you could try lower the angle a bit to differentiate the main subject, which is the tree with the foreground and background.  Apart from that, for any sunset / sunrise scape, I would suggest the use of “shade” white balance to create vivid golden colors.  Nice  combination of colors, shadow & highlight and match with the title ‘forsaken”.

| Amir “Red”  Ridhwan |

From an orthodox perspective I dislike the tone merging between the stick at the centre and the tree trunk which, at a glance, looks either like an overgrown shadow or a sapling protruding out of the stick.  Slightly shifting the angle would improve the composition which will then do justice to the well captured tone, else it is uncertain whether the title refers to the lone tree or the clump of debris.

And to our beloved readers, you guys are most welcome to leave some comments and critiques as for our learning purposes. We believe that there is always some room for improvement in our pictures.

Until then, happy reading and happy shooting…!

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